For teams that just want to get on.

Conflict works

Conflict is natural and inevitable. It can cost you customers and your best employees or it can be the greatest source of creativity and efficiency there is. It's up to you.

For teams

Conflict training

I teach teams how to spot potential conflict and turn it into creative possibility. My training creates high performing teams by giving everyone a shared language and simple tools to navigate with.

For leaders

Conflict coaching

I coach leaders to become confident and calm when conflict shows up so they can steer people towards better outcomes. I act as a trusted partner and guide to people who have to lead the way.

About me

Your conflict navigator

I've been teaching people how to work with healthy conflict for a decade. Before that I was the MD of an award-winning consultancy. I've opened an alternative business school and taught Nonviolent Communication. I've been a doorman and taught martial arts. I've been on a bumpy journey and I'll be your guide, if you need one.More about me on LinkedIn

Written resources

Free writing

I've written about all the principles and practices in my work, so that anyone can work on their relationship with conflict.Read my articles on Medium

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The underlying principle

Towards a better world

I teach this work because no one gets taught how to manage conflict, difficulty and stress. As a result we're increasingly struggling in all areas of life - at home, at work and in our communities.When people understand how to respond differently when things get tricky, the benefits are felt everywhere.I enjoy seeing how almost anyone can find more creativity, freedom and playfulness through this work, and in an increasingly pressurised culture, I would like more people to have these tools in their toolkit.

Training feedback

Navigating complexities

"If you want a practical and deep understanding of how to successfully navigate the complexities of conflicts we find ourselves in, then Max is the guide you've been looking for."- Tom, Executive Coach and Facilitator

Coaching feedback

Now I have courage

"I now have courage - belief that there is no need to avoid conflict, only approach it in the right way. Like if you walk behind a horse it will kick you, but if you approach with care and consideration you can ride off into the sunset."- Liz, Chief Executive

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